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Amekong Vietnam was founded in 2018 by deeply experienced founders working in the agricultural products business and has developed into one of the leading agricultural exporters. We commit with confidence that quality is our precious treasure.

We have been specializing in agricultural business and clean pharmacy plants, with highly skilled staff together with the passion and devotion to the community.

Our inital customers are from Japan, Korea and New Zealand. At present, Amekong customers are from numerous countries and all contnents: Asia, Europe, Africa, Latn America, South America and Australia.

Amekong has set up one laboratory to conduct research on agricultural products and pharmacy plants. This laboratory is built and operated based on internatonal standards which applies the advanced management system.

With advanced producton line, our company process and supply high quality products and safety foodstuff, meetng customer’s needs strictly. Our factory are certfied with ISO 22000: 2005 and ISO 9001: 2008

Mission: provide to domestc and oversea customers with the best quality products.

Amekong is proud to be the bridge between Vietnamese culture and other countries in the world through the import-export of Vietnamese agricultural products.

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  • Agricultural

    Agricultural products are not the only strength of Amekong but also of Vietnamese agriculture ....

  • Medicine

    Pharmaceuticals are important products of Amekong. We value investment in researching the best products for health ...

  • Software

    Programming, software production, building applications on every platform will bring a certain strength for Amekong ...

  • Service

    Amekong provides hosting and advertising services, strategic consulting tasks for business operations ...

  • Technology Equipment

    Amekong distribution CPU, RAM, hard drive, SDD, Mainboard, Video card, new and used imported notebooks ...

  • Cuisine

    The products are non-alcoholic drinks in specialized food stores such as Coffee, Smoothies, Cocktails, ...

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